Vintage Fly Making Companies

                                    Wynne Precision, Griffin, Georgia

 It seems the Wynne Precision Company of Griffin, Georgia starting producing fishing tackle just after the end of World War Two. During the war the Wynne's made radar crystals for the government to help the war effort. At the end of the war there was no longer a need for their production of radar crystals. The U.S. Government gave the men an order to stop production. With this order the men were forced to close up shop and let go their group of skilled female workers. Out of the Radar Crystal business, the men had time to enjoy one of their favorite pastimes , fishing. Both avid fisherman, the brothers initially made their baits as a hobby. A hobby that lead to a business , brothers M.D. and T.H Wynne marketed flies for the fisherman as well as for ladies to wear as jewelry. Eventually the brothers company produced wooden baits under the brand name Ol' Skipper Deluxe lures. The line was made up of wobblers and top water poppers along with their fly baits.The examples of their plugs that I have seen all showed a top quality finish. Check out this article from the February 24, 1946 Atlanta Journal Magazine, by Willard Neal. This is another example of the significant role that women played in the world of  fishing tackle manufacturing.It seems to me that the Wynne brothers not only had a good eye for beautiful tackle, but also had an eye for lovely ladies. I love them Georgia Peaches, They make me feel right at home.

Betty Scruggs

 Jointed Lucky Tail Wobbler -Courtesy Wayne Mullins
A-Lure Fly Jewelry Pin- Courtesy-Wayne Mullins
Lucky Bug Plug -Courtesy -Wayne Mullins


          Francis Fly Company Pittsburg , Kansas

Interesting Post Card From Francis Fly Co. Pittsburg ,Kansas

Francis fly Company Black & Orange Fuzzy worm
Francis Fly Co. Popper Minnow Red & White
Nice Brown & Yellow Reverse Hackle Fly on Card
Francis Fly Company Black  Fuzzy Worm
Red & White Reverse Hackle Fly on Card
Francis Fly on Card

Francis Fly on Card

Francis Fly Co. Brown Fuzzy Worm

1950 Advertisement for Francis Fly Co. listing available patterns

The head of Francis Fly Company Russell Francis operated this Kansas Company in the 1940's . Russell passed on at the early age of 46 years on April 30th, 1947. The company must have continued after his demise at least until 1950 when the above ad appeared in The Sporting Goods Directory.

C.J. Frost Fishing Tackle 

   Born in La Crosse ,Wisconsin Oct. 14, 1868- Carrie J. Frost started tying  flies for her father. Initially C.J. tied flies in her home. After she put some of her flies on the market for the public to buy, C.J. opened a store on Jefferson St. in Stevens Point Wisconsin. Later she moved to a Normal Ave location. Finally she had a new brick building  built on Ellis Street.
  In 1906 Her brother George W. Frost   became involved in her business. In 1919 at the time of her retirement Carrie was employing 150 people in her business named the C.J. frost Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company. She sold the business to a firm under the name of Frost Fishing Tackle Company which was short lived. Her company eventually evolved into the Weber Tackle Company at some time between 1919 and 1921. 
 Carrie J. Frost has long been considered a pioneer for female business women and the American Fly tying industry. Carrie passed on Oct. 7, 1937 leaving one of the greatest tackle making legacy's behind. She is no doubt responsible for putting Stevens Point , Wisconsin on the map as the Fly making capital of the World. Prior to her endeavors the majority of Flies cast by American fly fishermen and women in the United States were imported from England.

Early Postcard of Miss C. J. Frost  Fishing Tackle making facility on Ellis Street. Image shows a number of  ladies who were likely some the tiers of her quality flies.

Superior Quality Trout Flies on card - Abbey pattern

Miss C.J. Frost Superior Trout flies -Jungle cock pattern
C.J. Frost Water Witch Green Bay Fly on Card
 Interesting WaterWitch Co.- Successors to Miss C.J. Frost -Faultless Divided Wing  Flies  Box

Carrie J. Frost Water Witch Trademark Superior Bass Fly Governor Pattern

Water Witch Bass Fly Black Gnat Pattern

 One cent advertising postcard. from C.J. Frosts brother , G.W. Frost and Sons Fishing Tackle Manufacturers, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 

E.H. Peckinpaugh

        Ernest  Peckinpaugh started the E.H.Peckinpaugh Company in Chattanooga ,Tennessee around 1920. There has long been a controversy regarding whether Peckinpaugh developed the first floating bass bug as he had claimed.
Cut from 1930 Pecks literature
Inquiring minds would like to know if Peck was in fact the creator the first floating bass bug. I fear the passing of time has blurred the facts and hidden the evidence which may have given conclusive evidence to the actual party responsible for creating the first floating bass bug and variations there of. First or not, there is no question that Peck played a critical part in the promotion, development and mfg. of such early baits. He held a number of patents related to fishing flies, at one time employed over 300 people and provided a vast array of flies to insure fisherman against fishless days.

Click on the following link for Peck photos from the Tennessee Library

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