Tournament Casting

Competitive Tournament Casting  started in the 1860's. Initially fly equipment was used. In 1884 plug casting was started.  These casting tournaments allowed fishermen to hone and show off their casting skills. Distance and accuracy were the goals.
Fifteen Year old  Crusey Twins from Sidney Ohio. Elmer Crusey Jr.  National Jr. Champion 5/8 Oz. and Sister Aunalee  National Jr. Champion 3/8 Oz. This photo shows the pair prepping for the 1941 Great Lakes amateur casting tournament at Lincoln Park Casting Club. Elmer proudly wearing his Casting Jacket adorned with his casting medals and patches including one for the All American Bait Casting Team. Sister Aunalee  who is also wearing her casting medals looks on as Elmer ties on his casting weight plug.   The twins were active casters for years. For a time Aunalee toured the US and Canada putting on casting exhibitions. She even appeared in a 1949 RayBan Sunglasses print ad.The ad listed her as Champion exhibition Fly and Bait Caster. 
Here is a great 1923 photo of World Champion surf caster Harold Lentz and  Mrs. C.A. Davies of Brooklyn, New York. Davies made a clean sweep in all women's events of the New  York Casting Clubs annual Spring tournament. In 1922 Lentz set a World's record in surf casting with a cast of 465 feet. A note with this photo states that the rods & reels shown are valued at $3,000.

Great 1938 Casting Tournament Invitation and schedule. I love the illustrations.

At the ready to give commands with  megaphone in hand .

Casting weights hang at the ready. Casters eye up their target on April 19, 1926. 
Recording the score
 Caster at 1927 unknown State Casting tournament

Bait casting tournament. Casting platform- Leech Lake Walker, Minnesota June 23, 1922

Los Angeles Fly & Bait Members Nov. 1921 at Lincoln Park

Sherman Baker casting a dry fly. Los Angeles Fly & Bait Club Nov. 1921

Ben Casting for distance April 19, 1926

The casting dock bows under the weight of  this mob of  1926 Fly casters. The shoulder to shoulder crowd reminds me of the first day of trout season at the local stream.  
Casting for accuracy August, 1925

Great 1926 image of Caster casting into the sun with the wind at his back

Winchester Block of Portland. Mayor of McMinnville. Am. Legion M.P. Delivering the Cup. Casting Tournament 1921

Creek Chub Bait Company  Casting Weight Dealer display Courtesy of Mike Hines

1941 Display card of CCBC Casting plugs.  These were also available individually in 1942.

Ashaway fishing line Company circa 1950 Practice plug box

Pflueger No Bounce Tournament Casting Weight Dealer box

These  casting  weights were offered in the 1926  V.L. & A.  catalog. It gives us an idea on dating the early aluminum casting weights.

P&K Tournament Casting Plug Dealer Display. Photo Courtesy of Steve Ellis